Revolutionary Blender® 4.2+
Lighting Addon

Effortless Placement. Advanced Customization.
Realistic Effects. Streamlined Automation.
From HDRI to Gobo to IES, Light Wrangler 2.0 is
the ultimate lighting solution for Blender 4.2+.

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Precise Lighting Exactly
Where You Need It

Cursor-targeted light positioning with Light Wrangler 2.0

Cursor-focused light placement. Light Wrangler 2.0 revolutionizes scene lighting by allowing you to add and adjust lights with a simple right-click, ensuring they follow your cursor for precise positioning and angles. Quickly create optimal lighting setups, significantly reducing setup times and boosting your productivity in any 3D project.

See Placement in Action (0:05)

Interactive Controls.
Clutter-Free Interface.

Handy interactive adjustments with Light Wrangler 2.0

Intuitive interactive adjustments. Fine-tune every aspect of your lighting directly in the viewport—modify intensity, size, and distance with intuitive scroll gestures and keystrokes. Light Wrangler 2.0 streamlines your workflow, enabling quick and precise adjustments that bring your creative vision to life.

See Quick Adjustments (0:41)

Automated Precision.
Flexible Control.

Three Light Wrangler 2.0's positioning modes.

Choose Reflect or Direct modes for automated light placement that ensures specular highlights or uniform diffusion precisely where you want them. Need a specific angle or effect? The Orbit positioning mode offers granular control, allowing you to navigate lights around a pivot point for the perfect lighting angle.

Discover Modes (1:55)

Soft Gradients.
Realistic Color.

Customizable Scrim Light for Blender 4.2+

Scrim mode for feathered lighting. Experience the subtleties of professional studio lighting with Light Wrangler 2.0's Scrim mode. Achieve smooth fall-off and gradients, perfect for detailed renders that mimic real-world photography lighting setups.

See Scrim in Action (3:38)
Effect of Blender Scrim Light on render of the Smeg Mixer

HDRI Textures That
Elevate Your Scenes

HDRI Textures in Light Wrangler 2.0

Advanced HDRI capabilities. Boost scene realism with Light Wrangler 2.0's HDRI Maps. These maps instantly enhance your scenes with textures ranging from softboxes for light shaping to distinctive patterns for unique reflections, elevating visual impact.

Explore HDRI (5:06)
Light Wrangler 2.0 HDRI collection
Tissot Render made with Light Wrangler 2.0 addon

Shape Shadows,
Create Visual Stories

Gobo lighting with Light Wrangler 2.0

Gobo mode for expressive shadows. Use gobos to create captivating shadow effects that add depth and storytelling to your renders. Light Wrangler 2.0 offers a variety of patterns, giving you control over shadow sharpness and intensity, transforming simple lights into powerful narrative tools.

Discover Gobos (6:16)
Gobo shadow on the render, example.
Gobos collection in Light Wrangler 2.0

Realistic Lights,
True-to-Life Results

IES Profiles in Light Wrangler 2.0 addon

Accurate light simulation. Use built-in IES textures to meticulously replicate real-world lighting conditions. Ideal for architectural visualizations and interior designs, these textures introduce realistic atmospheric effects into your scenes, significantly enhancing each render with true-to-life details.

See IES in Action (7:39)
IES textures collection

Bright Reviews

"I am so delighted to find this addon. I am a 20 year veteran of another 3D program... Made the jump to Blender and am loving it. But one thing I missed was... the HDR Light Studio extension. ... [They] have jacked the price way too high ... At first I spent some time with the LeoMoon addon, but the system is overly complicated. Your Light Wrangler is just the thing I've been looking for! ... Perfect lighting for product shots is now a cakewalk again! Well done, sir!"
Mark G

"It's the Best & Most Intuitive Lighting System for Blender Out There!!! Period!!! Thank You Leonid for this Addon & for All the Super Workflow Enhancing Features that You're Continuing to Add to it!!! ;)"

"FANTASTIC addon! I absolutely hated placing lights before, this add-on completely flipped that around!! It's now a breeze and super easy to get beautiful results!"

"This is an excellent addon! I had used another program called HDR Light Studio in the past to simplify the lighting process for product modeling, but this one takes it even further with great interactions and constant development."
Adam Frangione

"Thank you Leonid. This finally makes setting up lights fun. It is a very intuitive approach to lighting. Now I can't go back to pushing my glowing rectangles through space manually. The Gobos, HDRIs and IES add great value to the package."
Fabian Grundmann

"Game changer. I was using a similar tool that also makes lighting fun and easy...but this one takes it even further with great interactions and constant development."
Malcolm Overend

"Fantastic! Worth every penny. It allows you to adjust your lights in real time, so you can see the results as you go. You can quickly explore all the possibilities for your scene in seconds."
Marcos Taquechel

Don't wait to revolutionize your lighting process. Try Light Wrangler 2.0 today and experience the next level of efficiency and control in 3D lighting.

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